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 Your Baptist convention, union or other organization needs to preserve its records and other historical material in order to be able to document its history in the future. These materials need to be accessible to current leaders of your Baptist body for reference. They also need to be available to scholars and other researchers to study, interpret, and write the history of your Baptist body or organization.

This Manual provides guidelines for establishing and operating a Baptist archives to meet the above needs. Initially you may not be able to provide the ideal place, adequate funding, or personnel for a fully operational archives, but do not wait to begin.

Take these basic steps: secure authorization, develop policies and procedures, designate a place, assign responsibility, and begin the process of collecting and preserving materials of your Baptist body or organization. Then, as resources permit, move forward with other steps to make your archives fully operational. Developing an archives for your Baptist body or organization can help assure future generations that they will be able to document and understand their heritage.

The sources described in the following bibliography can be helpful as you establish and operate your archives. Firms from which you can order archival supplies are also listed.





Seek help from archivists and others who work in archives or with historical collections connected with religious institutions, universities, libraries, and your government. Contact societies of archivists. Many of them offer helpful conferences and workshops.

In the United States the Society of American Archivists (SAA) offers for beginning as well as experienced archivists conferences, workshops, and publications. Publications are listed in an online catalog. Contact the SAA office to inquire about conferences and workshops.

Society of American Archivists
527 South Wells
Fifth Floor
Chicago, IL 60607
Phone 312-922-0140
FAX 312-347-1452
Web page



Try to find local sources of materials by asking archivists and others who work with historical collections. Or contact these firms for catalogs and price lists.

Acid-free boxes, folders, paper

The Hollinger Corporation
3810 S. Four Mile Drive
Arlington, VA 22206
Phone 703-671-6600 or 800-634-0491

Variety of products

University Products, Inc.
P. O. Box 101
Holyoke, MA 01041
Phone 413-532-3372

Materials to preserve and exhibit photographs and artwork

Light Impressions Corporation
P. O. Box 940 Rochester, NY 14603
Phone 800-828-6216

(Note: this list was revised 1998 and is now out of date)

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