Appendix A: Sample Forms

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9. Rules Governing the Use of Archival Materials


Woman's Missionary Union Archives


PERMISSION TO USE archival materials will be granted to qualified researchers who agree to abide by these rules; this permission is, of course, subject to the policies of WMU Archives and to the restrictions imposed by the donors or depositors. Once permission is granted, the researcher assumes responsibility for all materials made available to her/him. (Permission to use does not carry with it permission to remove from the library, to reproduce, or to publish.)

Please request the materials you want of the Archivist or other Library personnel. Only these staff members may enter the Archives.

Use the materials in the library. Do not remove them from the Library without the permission of the Archivist and signing a Loan Agreement.

Preserve the existing order of materials you receive. Do not rearrange folders or items within a folder. Do not remove items from a folder.

Handle materials with extreme care. Lay them on a flat surface. Turn pages carefully. Do not mark them, crease them, or rest anything (including elbows) on them. Use no paper clips or rubber bands.

Take notes with pencil or typewriter. Ink can irreparably damage archival materials.

Return the materials to the Archivist or other Library Personnel. Never leave them unattended nor entrust them to a third party.

PHOTODUPLICATION is provided solely for the researcher's private study or research. Not all materials can be duplicated: Some would be harmed by the process; others are covered by copyright or other restrictions. Copies may not be further reproduced nor transferred to a third party. The researcher assumes all responsibility for possible infringement of copyright and/or literary rights in the act of copying or in the subsequent use of the materials copied. (Supplying a photocopy is not authorization to publish.)

Please request photocopies of the Archivist or other Library personnel. Only these staff members may photoduplicate archival materials.

PERMISSION TO PUBLISH from published or unpublished materials must be obtained by the researcher from the holder of the literary rights or copyright, her/his heirs, assigns, or executors. For original materials, permission must also be obtained from WMU Archives, holder of physical rights.


In citing unpublished materials located in the WMU Archives, use this form: title of collection/record group, identification of series and document; Archives; Woman's Missionary Union; Southern Baptist Convention.

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