Baptists in Australia






Assemblies and Officers of the Baptist Union of Australia

(to 1988)


David Parker Sept 1999



Pre-Union meetings


Nov 1897 Melbourne - first meeting of intercolonial representatives

Sept 1902 Adelaide - Interstate Baptist Federal Conference (representatives from NSW, Vic., S.A., W.A.)

1903 Melbourne - Meeting of Federal Council

1908 Sydney - 1st Australasian Baptist Congress

1911 Melbourne - 2nd Australasian Congress

Aug 1912 Melbourne - Interstate Convention

Aug 1922 Melbourne - 3rd Australasian Congress

Aug 1925 Adelaide - 4th Australasian Baptist Congress



1926 Sydney (Inaugural Assembly)

1929 Melbourne

1932 Adelaide

1935 Sydney

1938 Melbourne

1941 Brisbane

1944 Melbourne

1947 Adelaide

1950 Sydney

1953 Brisbane

1956 Hobart

1959 Perth

1962 Melbourne

1965 Adelaide

1968 Canberra

1971 Sydney

1975 The Gold Coast, Queensland (First National Baptist Family Convention)

1978 Launceston

1981 Canberra

1984 Perth

1986 Sydney (Diamond Jubilee Assembly)

1988 Sydney (Australian Bicentennial Assembly)





1926-1929 Rev. J.H. Goble, Victoria.

1929-1932 Mr. Stow Smith, J.P., South Australia.

1932-1935 Rev. Dr. C.J. Tinsley, New South Wales.

1935-1938 Mr. E.H. Jenkin, Victoria.

1938-1941 Rev. R. Sayce, Queensland.

1941-1944 Rev. Dr. A.J. Waldock, Canberra.

1944-1947 Rev. Dr. A.C. Hill, E.D., B.A., B.D., South Australia.

1947-1950 Rev. G.P. Rees, Victoria.

1950-1953 Rev. Dr. W.L. Jarvis, New South Wales.

1953-1956 Mr. C.G. Sweetman, J.P., Queensland.

1956-1959 Mr. E. Haselgrove, South Australia.

1959-1962 Rev. FA. Marsh, Victoria.

1962-1965 Rev. Principal-Emeritus G.H. Morling, O.B.E., M.A., New South Wales.

1965-1968 Rev. F.J.C. Stone, B.A., Queensland.

1968-1971 Mr. C.W. Branson, B.Ec., Dip.Com., A.C.A.A., F.A.I.M., South Australia.

1971-1975 Rev. Dr. G.H. Blackburn, M.A., B.D., B.Ed., Ph.D., Victoria.

1975-1978 Rev. Dr. G.N. Vose, B.A., B.Ed., Th.M., Ph.D., Western Australia.

1978-1981 Mr. F.J. Church, O.B.E., LL.B., New South Wales.

1981-1984 Rev. J.D. Williams, A.M., B.A., B.D., Victoria.

1984-1988 Rev. Dr. E.G. Gibson, M.A., B.Sc.(Econ.), B.Ed., B.D., Th.D., Queensland.




1926-29 Rev. G.P. Rees

1929-32 Rev. Dr. A.C. Hill, E.D., B.A., B.D.

1932-35 Rev. Joshua Robertson, M.A.

1935-47 Rev. G.P. Rees

1947-48 Rev. F.A. Marsh

1949-71 Rev. Dr. G.H. Blackburn, M.A., B.D., B.Ed., Ph.D.

1971-74 Rev. J.G. Manning, M.B.E.

1974-78 Rev. R. Kingsley Smith, Dip.R.E., A.I.M.M.

1979-85 Rev. G.G. Ashworth, Dip.R.E.

1985- Mr. O.C. Abbott, B.Com., F.A.S.A.



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