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Many Australians have attended BWA Congresses especially in more recent times, but we mention here some who have been involved in particular ways, especially those who have served as officers or in other formal capacities.



VP = Vice President


1905 - 1st BWA congress - London: VP - W.G. Stephens; Rev. Silas Mead, BWA Committee


            Australians who took part in the Congress as speakers: Mr William Buckingham (NSW) Paper on commercial ethics (Christians and their daily work); Mr H.F. Richardson (Vic.) Home Mission methods; Rev. Silas Mead (WA) Missionary methods; Rev J.G. Raws, (SA) Trends of modern thought


            Mr Richardson gave the official response of the Australian delegation (text), was a vice-president of the Congress and on the committee to frame the BWA constitution.


            Others present at this historic inaugural Congress: - Qld - Mr B. Wootten; Victoria - Mr and Mrs J. Fox; Rev G.P. Rees; Mr F.R. Mellor; Mrs H.F. Richardson; Rev and Mrs J.J. Proctor (spoke at area gathering); WA - Miss C.K. Brown (missionary), Mrs J. Brown; Mrs A. Oliver; SA - Mrs A. Oliver, Rev E. Bungey (spoke at area gathering); Mr and Mrs R. Tricker


1911 2nd BWA congress - Philadelphia: Vice President - Hugh Dixson, NSW; H.S. Ramford SA; C. Palmer Tas.; Present: Victoria - A Gordon, SA - Pres.- AN Marshall - Pres; WA - GH Cargeeg - VIP, Qld German - F. Orthner (recently returned from Qld to USA)


1923 3rd BWA congress - Stockholm - VP - nil


1928 4th BWA Congress - Toronto - VP - Stow Smith


1934 5th BWA Congress - Berlin - VP - J.A. Packer


1939 6th BWA Congress - Atlanta - VP - C.J. Tinsley


1947 7th BWA Congress - Copenhagen - VP - nil


1950 8th BWA Congress - Cleveland - VP - W.L. Jarvis


1955 9th BWA Jubilee Congress - London - VP - nil


1960 10th  BWA Congress - Rio de Janeiro - VP - A.C. Prior


1965 11th BWA Congress - Miami Beach - VP - nil


1970 12th BWA Congress - Tokyo - VP - nil


1975 13th BWA Congress - Stockholm - Assoc. Secretary - A.C. Prior (Asian Baptist Fellowship); VP - G.H. Blackburn


1980 14th BWA Congress - Toronto - VP - nil


1985 15th BWA Congress – Los Angeles


1990 16th BWA Congress – Seoul  - President: Rev Dr Noel Vose (WA)


1995 17th BWA Congress - Buenos Aires


2000 18th BWA Congress - Venue - Melbourne, Australia



Other involvement:


Staff: A. (Tony) Cupit, Evangelism and Education Director, Study and Research Director


Other positions:

Rev John Knights, Co-Chair, Commission on Christian Teaching and Training; speaker at Fourth World Baptist Youth Conference

Dr T. Lorenzen, Chair, Human Rights Study Commission

Dr K.R. Manley, Chair, Doctrine and Interchurch Study Commission, and Baptist Heritage Commission


Asian Baptist Fellowship: A.C. Prior, B.A. King, H. Munro

ABWAID:  David Groves, P. Hayes, B.A. King, A.C. Prior, D. Groves



1905 Inaugural BWA Congress: remarks by Australian representative at the Roll Call:



I had the pleasure to-day of listening to an address in Bloomsbury Chapel from our Chairman, and I am glad to know that one holding such an honoured position in public life should be presiding now. It has fallen to my lot, as President of the Baptist Union of Victoria, to have the honour at this great Assembly of returning our warmest thanks for the words of welcome expressed from the Chair. It is especially gratifying to me to be here this evening. It is the first time I have had the honour of visiting the Mother Land. I believe great good is coming from this Congress. I believe when we return to our homes we shall feel bound together by strong links that will never be broken. The hour is late and I would like to say more. But I must say that we in Australia cannot talk of millions. We have not made the progress that the Americans have made. But we are progressing, and we are determined to progress. (Applause.) I am proud to be here as a representative. We want the help of the American and English Baptists. We have had visits from Dr. Maclaren, from Dr. Clifford (the modern John Knox), and from Rev E. Greenhough, Williams and Cuff. We want more of such men of ability to visit us and enthuse us with new life in our Churches. I would again express, en behalf of the Commonwealth of Australia, my warmest thanks for your kind welcome. and I believe when we return we shall be determined to make a great, strong, forward movement for the advancement of our Lord’s King­dom in all parts of the world. (Applause.)



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