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Baptist World Alliance

Heritage & Identity Commission

From     Honolulu  2010        to          Durban  2015

Papers presented at Annual Sessions

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History of Jamaican Baptists: Doreen Morrison and Glenroy Lalor
Note: Paper as presented not available; but click here for another one by one of the authors which provides relevant information on the same topic)

The First Baptist Place of Worship – The Great Bake House in Amsterdam, circa 1598: Ken Edmunds

The Caribbean Baptist Diaspora: Delroy Reid-Salmon

The History of Baptists in Chile: Victor Aquilar - Spanish version    English version

A Latin American Baptist Identity: Parrish Jacome - Spanish version   English version

Mapping a 21 century Global Baptist Identity: Part 2 - identifying the Baptist DNA: David Parker

Reflections on Justice Anderson, Evangelical Saga: Baptists and Their Precursurs in Latin America (Xulon Press:2005): Daniel Carro

2008 Prague, Czech Republic

Ordination: Does it fit? Brian Winslade

2007 Accra, Ghana

2006 Mexico City Mexico

2004 Seoul, Korea

2003 Rio de Janiero, Brazil

2002 Seville, Spain

2001 Prince Edward Island, Canada 2001

2000 Melbourne, Australia